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nt to benefit more countries and peoples while realizing its own development, Xi said in his speech.Xi said China is ready to work with France and E▓urope to resolutely uphold the multilateral trading system and oppose protectionism ▓and unilateralism, build a free and o▓pen trade and investment policy environment and inject impetus to facilitate world

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economic growth▓.Xi called on China and France to positively align with universally accepted international rules and standards, work t▓o achieve high-standard and sustainable goals▓ that benefit people's livelihood and jointly build the Belt

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and Road with high-quality.China and France should shoulder the responsibility to address the global gove▓rnance deficit, safeguard multilateralism, jointly tackle global challenges and b▓uild a community of a shared future for humanit

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y, Xi said.Macron called on France and Europe to ope▓n their markets to China, welcome investme▓nt from Chinese enterprises, and provide the▓m with a business environment featuring fair competition. Please scan the QR Code to follow us on InstagramPlease scan the QR Code to follow us on WechatChinese Pres▓ident Xi

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Jinping on Thursday called on ▓the BRICS countries to undertake their due obligations in championing and practicing multilateralism.Xi urges BRICS countries to cham▓pion multilateralismXi urges BRICS countries to champion multilaterali

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sm11-15-2019 09:46 BJTBRASILIA, Nov. 14 -- Chinese President Xi Jinping on Thursda▓y called on the BRICS countries to undertake their due obligations in championing and practicing multilateralism.Xi made the appeal in a speech entitled "

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Together for a New Chapter in BRICS Cooperation" at the 11th summit of BRICS, an emerging-market bloc that groups Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa.Noti▓ng that the summit was held at a time when crucial developments are ta

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king place in the world economy and international landscape, Xi pointed out that a new round of technological revolution and indu▓strial transformation is in the ascendant, and the unst▓oppable rise of emerging markets and developing co

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